Come and celebrate some of the world’s main religious festivals!

This resource is intended to help you celebrate new religious festivals confidently in your settings during the year.

The resource provides background and details of six of the world’s main religions and within the resource on all religions, there is background information about stories and songs and activities that can be done with young children.

The resource addresses the following religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Sikhism. The resource was created by Helen Roberts who specializes in the field and is a familiar name as a teacher, lecturer and Religious Education consultant.

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Dr Gwenllian Lansdown Davies, Mudiad Meithrin’s Chief Executive, said:

“The Nature Notes project aims to promote awareness of the richness and variety of Welsh and Welsh-speaking heritage by celebrating the communities and cultures which have made Wales their home, and to inspire people to look closer at the heritage of their square mile.”

The project has work with talented musician, Siân James, Gwyneth Glyn and folk group Bragod to create a contemporary resource combining Welsh nursery rhymes and simple songs in Arabic, Urdu, Romania, Polish and Bengali.

You can download the individual nursery rhymes by clicking on the photos below.


           Wrdw                                 Aderyn Bach Syw





     Dau Gi Bach                                Gwlad Pwyl





        Romania                                       Arabeg





         Beti Bwt                                    Bwrw Glaw



This is a training resource to support your understanding and response to trauma in young children in the early years.

The training comes in 3 parts and has been prepared to be used during team meetings, as part of your training programme, or when welcoming new members of staff. It is also suitable for members of voluntary committees and staff who support settings.

The training considers many situations that may have a negative impact on young children, including Covid-19.

This resource was created by Eleri Griffiths, who has worked for a range of voluntary organisations during her career such as Interlink, Children are Unbeatable, Children in Wales and Mudiad Meithrin. Promoting children’s rights is important to her. She is an experienced trainer in the areas of safeguarding, children’s rights and welfare.

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The Power of Play – A new digital learning resource led by Kym Scott for early years care and education settings.

It consists of three modules which will discuss:

  • Preparing the Way for Play
  • A Place for Play
  • The Adult Role in Supporting and Extending Children’s Play through Quality Interactions.

You will learn about:

  • The important role of play for young children’s learning and the conditions which enable high quality, challenging play to take place
  • Providing an inspiring learning environment for play, indoors and outdoors
  • Interacting with children in ways which support and extend their play.

The training was created especially for Mudiad Meithrin by Kym Scott who is an Early Years Consultant, trainer and conference speaker. Kym Scott started her career working with young children as a nanny and a pre-school assistant. She went on to take teaching and senior leadership roles in London schools, before joining the Lewisham Early Years Advisory team in South London, where she spent 15 years working to support pre-schools, nurseries, childminders and schools in a variety of circumstances.

She is now an established freelance conference speaker, trainer and consultant in the field of early years education, working both in the UK and overseas with a proven track record of helping leaders to raise the quality of their early years provision and improve outcomes for children. She spends a significant proportion of her time working directly in settings and schools in order to retain an understanding of the reality and challenges of working with young children. This work provides her with numerous opportunities to learn from young children and their practitioners, and also provides the real examples that are so popular in her training.

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A Cylch Ti a Fi does not have to take place between 4 walls. Why not take advantage of the wide world around us, which has so much to offer in terms of entertaining and fostering the curiosity of the youngest children.

These ideas sheets have been created especially for you. Here’s a collection of easy activities for you to try as you hold your Cylch Ti a Fi outdoors, in any weather.  From creating a potato hedgehog to identifying colours in the natural world, there are plenty of fun ideas for you to try.

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The role of the Cylch Meithrin’s Management Committee is important – but not frightening! Do you want to know more about the role or want to understand more about your current responsibilities? This training includes two presentations that will discuss the following issues:

Policies in your Setting

In this presentation you will find more information about:

  • How to store, update and implement policies
  • How Mudiad Meithrin informs and updates you with the latest information
  • Your role as a committee member and effectively implementing policies.

The Role of the Responsible Individual

In this presentation you will find more information about:

  • The duties required from the responsible individual
  • The requirements of the role
  • How to operate effectively and support staff in the settings
  • Regulations and legal requirements.

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