The Board of Directors is Mudiad Meithrin’s governing body, and its members are the charity’s trustees. The Board is the charity’s governing body, with responsibility for Mudiad Meithrin’s policies. The Board consists of Honorary Officers of the Mudiad, elected members from each region, and co-opted members.

The Directors are volunteers who represent different regions and specialisms of the Mudiad

Members of Mudiad Meithrin’s Strategic Team also attend board meetings to report on achievements and provide advice as required. Members of Mudiad Meithrin’s management team may also be called to meetings as required.

Trustees receive an induction pack upon their appointment, in order to ensure that they are aware of the charity’s policies and procedures. The appointments are carried out in an open and transparent manner, through open recruitment, and pending an interview by Board Members. The Board meets bi-monthly meetings of the Finance Sub-committee.

The Chief Executive is appointed by the National Officers, and he/she is responsible for the Mudiad’s day to day operations. Through the Chief Executive, the staff of Mudiad Meithrin are accountable to its Board of Directors.

The Board members are not permitted to receive pay or to benefit in any way, except where permitted under the Company’s Articles and Memorandum, e.g. travel expenses.

The Chair of the Board is Dr Catrin Edwards, and the other members are listed below.

You can contact the Board of Directors by e-mailing, or by letter: Mudiad Meithrin, Y Ganolfan Integredig, Boulevard de Saint Brieuc, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 1PD.