Camau Courses - An opportunity to get started, expand and strengthen your Welsh language learning journey in the cylch!

If you work in a Cylch Meithrin or day nursery, these are the courses for you.

Camau courses are ‘Work Welsh courses’ which are bespoke for the early years and childcare sector. These courses are free and are provided as self-study courses to be followed when it suits you.

The courses are delivered in collaboration with the National Centre for Learning Welsh. Entry, Foundation, and Intermediate level courses are available.

Each learner is expected to complete  approximately one unit per week. There are approximately 30 learning hours for each level.

For a full list of the new skills you will learn during  the courses, click here: Camau | Learn Welsh

Support is available to all learners from Rhian Thomas our Camau Lead Officer. Rhian is available to help, support, inspire and advise you as you complete  the course.

Not sure what level contact is best for you? Contact