Mudiad Meithrin’s vision is that every child in Wales should have the opportunity to play, learn and grow through the Welsh language. Wherever there are young children in Wales, Mudiad Meithrin (and therefore the Welsh language) should also be present.

We are passionate about giving the Welsh language to the children of Wales, and believe that children benefit from being bilingual, (we have the data to back this up!) therefore, we will do everything within our power to keep the Welsh language alive and relevant to the generations of today and tomorrow.

We believe in giving children the best start possible, and as we know that our work influences a child for the rest of his life, we are uncompromising about giving children enriching, effective and informative play and learning experiences. We lead by example and set the standard for others to follow.

Mudiad Meithrin is a registered charity and is acknowledged as the main provider of Welsh-medium early years care and education.

Nationally, we have over 200 employed staff, and over 1,500 staff working in Cylchoedd Meithrin across Wales.

The Mudiad’s team of Support Officers work locally within their counties to offer guidance and practical advice to the staff and volunteers of the Cylchoedd and parents.

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