Is Mudiad Meithrin a children’s organisation or a language organisation? Must we choose? There is a creative tension between both that leads to all sorts of great results!

In terms a young child’s development, the experiences of joining a ‘Cymraeg for Kids’ programme, going to the Cylch Ti a Fi with Mum or Dad and starting to take steps towards independence at the Cylch Meithrin are crucial! That’s why the quality and standard of the provision – and all the learning through play fun experiences with a competent, professional workforce – is key.

When it comes to the Welsh language, when Mudiad Meithrin was established in 1971, that year’s Census figures stated that 11.3% of 3-4 year olds in Wales could speak Welsh.There has been a gradual increase in this percentage in every decade since then with the 2011 Census statistics showing a significant increase of 23.3% of 3-4 year olds able to speak Welsh. Undoubtedly, we are certain that the hard work undertaken in immersing children in the Welsh language in the Cylchoedd Meithrin and Cylchoedd Ti a Fi leading to the growth of Welsh-medium education has contributed greatly to ensuring this progress.

For further information about the history of Mudiad Meithrin see the following literature:  

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Annual Report 2019-2020