We are passionate about giving every child the opportunity to play, learn and grow through the medium of Welsh.

We welcome each and every one with open arms to our Cylchoedd Ti a Fi as we believe that every child has the right to learn Welsh and that every child should be given an equal opportunity to do so.

The Cylch Ti a Fi gives you and your child the opportunity to meet regularly with parents / guardians and other children so that the children can enjoy playing together giving you the chance to socialize over a cuppa! It is a great opportunity for parents / guardians to meet to share experiences and socialize in an informal Welsh atmosphere. We’re one big family!

By attending the Cylch Ti a Fi your child will have the opportunity to:

  • enjoy playing and making new friends
  • enjoy playing with toys
  • learn to sing simple Welsh songs that you can sing together at home
  • listen to Welsh stories and look through books
  • play with water and clay

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy yourself – and don’t worry if you don’t speak Welsh as everyone is welcome at the Cylch Ti a Fi!

Attending the Cylch Ti a Fi is a great opportunity to use the Welsh language if you are a Welsh learner. The Cylch Ti a Fi fun play activities will reinforce the use of Welsh language at home and gives non-Welsh speaking families the opportunity to use Welsh for the first time with their children. We nurture the landscape in which new Welsh speakers can grow.

By giving the Welsh language to the children of Wales, we hope to unify a nation and build a vibrant, open and multi-cultural Welsh community.

Multiligual leaflet

Mudiad Meithrin believes that every child should have the right to Welsh-medium education. We have a multilingual leaflet in Arabic, Bangla, Polish, Punjabi, Somali, Urdu, Welsh and English promoting Welsh-medium education.


Siarad Dwy Iaith leaflet

Find out more about taking the first steps to Bilingualism.