Baby Steps is a series of podcasts where Nia Parry hears from parents about their Welsh language experience and chats about the New Curriculum in Wales.

Welsh TV presenter Nia Parry presents the ‘Baby Steps into Welsh’ series of podcasts that gives well-known parents the opportunity to share their real-life experiences of their children’s journey through Welsh-medium education to date. In each episode Nia Parry meets parents who discuss their personal journeys very openly and Dr Enlli Thomas and Dr Sian Wyn Siencyn, pioneers in the field of bilingualism and Early Years, join Nia to share their expertise and experiences with parents facing the decision about choosing Welsh-medium education for their children.
Baby Steps into the Curriculum is a NEW series, and the first of it’s kind, discussing the New Curriculum in Wales.

In our new series of short podcasts, Nia Parry will be speaking with Vanessa Powell, Mudiad Meithrin’s Curriculum Specialist, and staff of the Cylchoedd Meithrin, about what the curriculum means to Mudiad Meithrin’s children, families and practitioners.

The series will be available in Welsh and English, and will be launched on January 23rd. Available through your usual podcast app or through the link below