'Baby Steps Into Welsh’ is our new and exciting podcast series.

Welsh TV presenter Nia Parry presents the series of podcasts that gives well-known parents the opportunity to share their real-life experiences of their children’s journey through Welsh-medium education to date.

In each episode Nia Parry meets parents who discuss their personal journeys very openly and Dr Siân Wyn Siencyn, a pioneer in the field of early years, joins Nia to share her expertise and experiences with parents facing the decision about choosing Welsh-medium education for their children.

Sean Fletcher & Luned Tonderai

Good Morning Britain Presenter Sean Fletcher and his wife Luned Tonderai, share their fascinating experience of Welsh-medium education in London.

Mike & Kelly Bubbins

When comedian and podcaster Mike Bubbins and his wife, deputy headteacher Kelly had kids, it was her desire to send them to a Welsh-medium nursery and school. Mike had his concerns. Neither of them spoke Welsh and he worried that they’d be unable to help them with their school work. Kelly and Mike talk to Nia Parry about how Cylch Meithrin changed his mind, and why Welsh-medium education is the best decision they have ever made. Plus, expert in early years bilingualism, Dr Sian Wyn Siencyn, listens along with Nia and answers some of the key concerns that non-Welsh speaking families have about Welsh-medium education.

Bethan & Rahil Sayed

Outgoing Member of the Senedd, Bethan Sayed and her husband Rahil are the proud parents of a lockdown baby. The plan is for little Idris to go to Cylch Meithrin, Welsh-medium playgroup, in order to be fluent in Welsh, English and Hindi. But Rahil, founder of the Cardiff Film Festival, is less convinced about sending Idris to Welsh-medium primary for fear he might not be able to help him. Can Bethan persuade him? Plus, bilingualism expert, Dr Sian Wyn Siencyn, is back with Nia to talk about how children can adapting to learning multiple languages.

Aran Jones & Catrin Lliar

Aran Jones and Catrin Lliar published the first few lessons of the learning programme, Say Something in Welsh, four days before the birth of their first child and whilst living in Catrin’s sister’s converted pigsty. The programme has helped over 60,000 people to learn Welsh across the globe. Despite this, Aran tells Nia that it wasn’t always easy for him to learn Welsh and other languages. Both talk passionately about how sending your children through Welsh-medium education is like opening the door for them to a new world. Bilingualism expert, Dr Sian Wyn Siencyn joins Nia to explain how children learn languages naturally and easily as part of their development.

Eluned Morgan

Baroness Eluned Morgan has been the Welsh Government Minister in charge of the Welsh Language since 2017. A vicar’s daughter born in a deprived area of Cardiff, and the only Welsh speaking family on the estate at the time. She talks to Nia about how her mother started the local Cylch Meithrin – a Welsh language playgroup, and how she believes Cylch Meithrin is so important in getting to a million Welsh speakers by 2050. Bilingualism expert, Dr Sian Wyn Siencyn listens in and explains how speaking other languages improves a child’s confidence and their social skills.

Dr Sian Wyn Siencyn - Part 1

How do children become bilingual? What is immersion and why is it effective? Over the next two episodes, our resident expert Dr Sian Wyn Siencyn answers your questions about Welsh-medium education and bringing your children up bilingually.

Dr Sian Wyn Siencyn - Part 2

Will it hinder my child’s learning if I don’t speak Welsh? Will my child need to attend a Cylch Meithrin if I want them to go to Welsh medium primary school? Dr Sian Wyn Siencyn is back to answer more of your questions about your child taking their own baby steps into Welsh.