Awarding and celebrating all the good work carried out by staff and volunteers.

Mudiad Meithrin Awards 2023

The nominations are open, this is your opportunity to thank and celebrate all the good work that is going on in your community.

This year there are 12 award categories which are;

  1. Leader
  2. Playing and Learning Outside
  3. Cylch Meithrin
  4. Small Cylch Meithrin (12 or less on the register)
  5. Cylch Ti a Fi
  6. Cylch i Bawb
  7. Assistant
  8. Learners of the year **new this year**
  9. Volunteer – Friend of the Cylch
  10. Day Nursery
  11. Committee
  12. Learning and Development

Not sure what to include in the nomination? see our guidelines below for ideas.

This year, for the first time, it’s possible to nominate by sending in a video noting who you are nominating in which category and why. Send your video to before 1st May.

Start nominating

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