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We're passionate about giving every child in Wales the opportunity to play, learn and grow in Welsh by offering Welsh-medium playgroups and family support groups near you.

Over 76% of children who use our services are from homes where Welsh isn’t spoken – everybody is welcome.

Our Story

Mudiad Meithrin (formerly Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin) was first established in 1971 in order to nurture a rich landscape of Welsh-medium play and learning experiences for children from birth to school-age.

As a voluntary organisation passionate about celebrating and encouraging the use of the Welsh language, we have grown considerably over the years and continue to positively influence the lives of children in Wales.

The collective passion, drive and care so apparent within our organisation continues to inspire, encourage and nourish the newest generations within Wales; generations that will thrive due to their sense of belonging, confidence and pride in their abilities and heritage.

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CLOSING DATE: 28/06/2024 Assistant Cylch Meithrin Beddau