An increasing number of people choose to leave a charitable donation in their wills.

If your wish is to leave a donation to us, its value will be deducted from you estate (your money, possessions and buildings) before inheritance Tax is calculated.

What kind of gifts can I leave? 
1. You can either leave a specific amount of money .
2. You can leave part of your estate or your entire estate once other gifts have been distributed.
3. Or you can leave us a specific item. For example Jewellery or Artwork.

You can do this through your will, by declaration to the executors or personal representatives stating instructions regarding how you wish your legacy to be distributed. If you decide to leave money to us, please clearly note our details:

Full Name – Mudiad Meithrin
Registered Address – Y Ganolfan Integredig, Boulevard de Saint Brieuc, Aberystwyth, SY23 1PD
Charity number – 1022320

You can get free, independent advice on making a will from organisations such as Citizens Advice and Age UK.

We appreciate that leaving a gift in your will is an important decision, therefore if you wish to talk to someone about making a legacy to us please contact:
Nerys Fychan, 01970 639639 or email.