This is one of my favourite photos taken at the Gaiman school. For me It’s a powerful photo showing a variety of things. The use of ‘loose parts’ at school was fantastic! Children had the opportunity to use their imagination and creativity in building ‘castles’ and ‘mountains’ and building towers. Combining language and maths into the activity as well as comparing the sizes of ‘towers’ many skills were learned when playing with something as simple as ‘tubes’.  The tubes were able to provide hours of fun for the children, and for me. In the picture you see Senior Judith happy and laughing responding as the girl gestured to me. The relationship between the teachers and pupils was lovely to see, a close relationship and it was clear that the teachers enjoyed their jobs. 

Here is a picture of the Ysgol Feithrin yr Hendre outdoor play area. I love the fact that the children have the freedom to climb but also following the rules. The children were aware of the rule that only three could be on the climbing frame at a time and all the children were good at following this rule. Senior Romi pictured observes the children playing and lets them take a risk that contributes towards their physical development and personal confidence.