National News, Newyddion Cenedlaethol | 08th Nov 2023

Mudiad Meithrin – as a charity that has children’s rights at its core – is calling for a ceasefire. Read the letter to the Prif Weinidog here

Dear First Minister,


One of Mudiad Meithrin’s aims is “that children’s rights in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children and the Children Act 1989 are vital. To this end children will have the right to expect all adults with responsibility for them to protect them from abuse of all kinds”.

In this context, the Mudiad has a long and honourable humanitarian tradition, and we have already raised funds for the ‘Save the Children’ charity for the benefit of children in Gaza.

We know that more than 8000 Palestinians have been killed, with 3,500 children among the dead.

Hospitals are unable to provide essential care; there is a lack of access to clean water, medication, fuel and food, and thousands have been injured, made homeless and have seen their families killed.

Therefore we, along with numerous other Welsh organisations, UNICEF and the United Nations, call for an urgent humanitarian ceasefire, unrestricted access to humanitarian aid and the release of all child hostages.

The ceasefire is supported by the Secretary General of the United Nations and governments and agencies worldwide, including UNICEF, Save the Children, Amnesty International, Oxfam, as well as 76% of people who live in the nations of Britain.

We ask that you use all your influence and authority on behalf of the Welsh Government and the people of Wales to persuade others to insist upon a ceasefire. There will be a golden opportunity for you to do so when discussing proposal NDM8391 in the Senedd on Wednesday.


Yours sincerely,

Dr Catrin Mair Edwards

Chair of the Board of Directors
Mudiad Meithrin