These Assessment arrangements are to be used in conjunction with the curriculum for funded non-maintained nursery settings.

Who are they for? :-

  • leaders, practitioners and management committees of non-maintained nursery settings funded to deliver nursery education
  • early years advisory teachers, or those in equivalent roles in local authorities and regional consortia, who support settings in the planning and delivery of nursery education
  • other organisations which provide professional support to non-maintained settings
  • leaders, practitioners and management committees of childcare settings not funded to deliver nursery education but which are required, under the ‘National Minimum Standards for Regulated Childcare’, to deliver practice in line with statutory curriculum requirements

These assessment arrangements have been co-constructed with key partners to support practitioners in funded non-maintained nursery settings which have adopted the curriculum for funded non-maintained nursery settings.

The arrangements take account of the needs of all learners and recognise that their identity, language, ability, background and prior learning, as well as the support they may need, will differ according to their particular circumstances.

These arrangements will also support settings to:

  • understand progression in children’s learning
  • apply the principles of progression in practice
  • develop a shared understanding of progression across the setting
  • use observation to inform provision that supports children to make progress
  • know about and implement initial and ongoing assessment arrangements

There will be professional learning guidance provided by Welsh Government available soon to support you in putting these arrangements into practice. Links will be provided here when they are available. In the meantime, please contact your Advisory Teacher for further support if you receive funding to provide education. If you do not receive funding please contact the Foundation Learning Team:-

Vanessa Powell – Curriculum Implementation Officer – Foundation Learning – Cwlwm

Judith Grigg – Foundation Learning Lead Officer

Kayleigh Bickford  – Curriculum Implementation Officer-


Further information on assessment arrangements can be seen here on hwb.