As an organisation that believes all young children in Wales should have the opportunity to play, learn, grow in Welsh, we are proud to see our Clwb Cwtsh, a joint project between Mudiad Meithrin and the National Center for Learning Welsh, continue to go from strength to strength. The free scheme which uses games and songs to introduce the Welsh language to parents of young children offers another series of sessions which start from May onwards.

Vikki Phillips is a parent who attended Clwb Cwtsh sessions in Pembrokeshire. Vikki believed that it was important for her son William, to grow up bilingually and Clwb Cwtsh sessions was a great place to start. She felt she had the confidence to speak Welsh at home and every day after attending the sessions.

Vikki said:

“Clwb Cwtsh was a big help for me to use more Welsh around our home and with William. We want him to grow up speaking Welsh and this was the perfect way to start. William loves songs and stories, Clwb Cwtsh has given me the confidence to read and sing with him.”

Since September 2022, 1533 adults have registered for the sessions. We have also provided Clwb Cwtsh in 84 locations as well as providing virtual sessions. The courses were created by Nia Parry, a well-known presenter on the S4C channel, which are aimed at new learners and focuses on parenting language at home.

The eight-week course are for parents, carers and parents-to-be, and they are welcome to bring their children with them. At the end of the period, the learners are encouraged to follow further courses as part of the plan. Including Clwb Cwtsh 2, which is a self-study digital resource that gives learners the opportunity to continue practicing and building on what they have learned during the previous sessions with Clwb Cwtsh.

Dr Gwenllïan Lansdown Davies, Chief Executive of Mudiad Meithrin said:

“Since starting to implement the Clwb Cwtsh scheme to offer support to families to start their Welsh learning journey, we have received a good response throughout Wales. The fact that we can offer children to come with their families has been welcomed. The sessions are going from strength to strength and by offering face-to-face and online sessions, anyone, anywhere can join.”

Dona Lewis, from the National Centre for Learning Welsh said:

“Welcoming people from all walks of life to enjoy learning and speaking Welsh is the aim of the National Centre, and we offer all kinds of schemes and courses.

We are very proud to collaborate with Mudiad Meithrin to host Clwb Cwtsh, which gives parents and carers of small children the opportunity to start their language journey in an informal and fun atmosphere.”

For more information about Clwb Cwtsh: Clwb Cwtsh – Learn Welsh for free with Mudiad Meithrin

Vikki and her family