As an organization we believe that wherever there are children, both Mudiad Meithrin and the Welsh language should also be present, therefore, we’re very proud to announce a new partnership between S4C’s ‘Cynhyrchiadau Twt’ and the Mudiad, to develop a new humorous series that introduces Welsh to young children via comedy.

Dr Gwenllian Lansdown Davies, Mudiad Meithrin’s Chief Executive said:

“Our ‘Croesi’r Bont’ staff members, who are experts on language immersion methodology, have enjoyed the experience of working on the Annibendod series, advising on the language patterns suitable for children who watch ‘Cyw’ and for older children who are learning Welsh. It is vital that we make use of every opportunity and medium to introduce the Welsh language to children, remembering that comedy can draw new audiences. S4C and Mudiad Meithrin have a long history of cooperation and working with an independent production company such as ‘Cynhyrchiadau Twt’ has been another new experience for us as an organization.”

The show will be broadcast in January 2025.

Sioned Geraint, S4C’s Content Commissioner for Children and Learners, said:

“I was drawn to the Annibendod series as it is an original idea that works on two levels, combining comedy and slapstick with linguistic patterns. The series will appeal to Welsh-speaking 2-5-year-olds who watch Cyw, who will enjoy the comedy; and Annibendod will also be suitable for those in Key Stages 1 and 2 who are learning Welsh.

As S4C responds to the target of a million Welsh speakers by 2050, it’s important that we have children’s content that appeals to both confident speakers and learners alike, to make Welsh relevant. Comedy is a great vehicle to achieve this, as it’s a visual medium and popular with children, and I look forward greatly to seeing the finished episodes.”

Siwan Jobbins, Managing Director of Cynhyrchiadau Twt, said:

Annibendod is a comedy about Anni,  a micheavous, fun-loving girl with a messy, anarchic streak.

The comedy is visual, making use of simple language, which will enable the learner to be totally immersed in the adventures of Anni, her friends and hamster, Bochau (‘Cheeks’), as they are also immersed in the language. It has been a pleasure working with Mudiad Meithrin on the series’ linguistic content.”