C'mon Cymru!

Team Wales is playing in the World Cup Football Tournament! How about organising some activities in your Cymraeg for Kids Groups, Clwb Cwtsh, Cych Ti a Fi, Cylch Meithrin, Day Nursery or after school Clun to celebrate?


Below are some new resources to help you celebrate Team Wales reaching the World Cup!

Activity Leaflet


‘Dewin a Doti’n Helpu yn y Gêm Fawr’ book (video version available below with subtitles)


‘Pob Lwc Cymru’ poster


Farsi resource



‘Pob Lwc Cymru’ song with Siani Sionc.

Join in the singing and dancing with Siani Sionc, Dewin and children at Ysgol Gynradd Bro Ogwr.

‘Dewin a Doti yn y Gêm fawr’ story with Siani Sionc.

Come and listen to Siani Sionc read a football themed story. I wonder if Dewin will be able to save the day?

Further Resources

To access a host of other ‘Football’ themed Welsh Language Learning Resources visit Red Wall | Learn Welsh.




Y Mentrau Iaith have also got some useful resources on their website:


Here is a link to a booklet featuring 10 popular Welsh songs called ‘Together Louder’ (including words for ‘Yma o Hyd’, ‘Calon Lân’ and our national anthem ‘Hen Wlad fy Nhadau’) which has a translation of every song and phonetic versions for those who are new Welsh speakers (or who would like to learn a few Welsh songs at least J) so that we can all sing ‘together louder’ whilst supporting Team Wales in the Football World Cup.

Gorau Canu Cyd Ganu – Canu Cymunedol | Y Mentrau Iaith


And here is a link to a leaflet about the history of the song “Yma o Hyd”

Hanes y gân “Yma o Hyd” | Y Mentrau Iaith


The Mentrau Iaith have other resources on the theme on their YouTube channel:

Song : Yma o Hyd – CânSing

History of Wales English SUBTITLES – YouTube