Autumn campaign 2023

During 20 – 24 of November this year, Mudiad Meithrin will hold a fundraising activity called ‘Rhywbeth neis, neis i de’ (Something nice, nice for tea) which derives from the popular nursery rhyme ‘Mynd Drot Drot ar y gaseg wen’.
Thank you to Henllan Bakery for sponsoring the fundraising campaign.

The campaign’s aim is to ask everybody to host an afternoon tea for the parents/carers of the children attending the Cylch Meithrin/nursery. For a small fee as a contribution to the cylch/nursery – they can enjoy a scrummy afternoon tea with friends! We hope that other organisations and societies will also host an afternoon tea in the local community to raise funds for the local cylch/nursery – an opportunity to thank the cylch/nursery for giving children the best start on their Welsh language journey.

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