The course is 18 months long and you are expected to be employed in the location for at least 16 hours per week. You need to complete 700 hours during the 18 months.
You are expected to attend two online workshops per month for the first six months, which is 18 workshops during the length of the course.

You will be receiving an apprentice wage of £5.28 per hour, if you are not already employed at the setting.
If you are not already employed at the cylch we can help you find a location to do your apprenticeship.
You can be employed in a Cylch Meithrin, Welsh-medium Day Nursery or a Welsh-medium primary school.
We will confirm if your location is suitable for the apprenticeship.
You must be employed for at least 16 hours per week at the same setting.
If you have a child who attends the planned workplace, you will need to discuss with the location to see if it’s appropriate for you to do 16 hours in the location.

You don’t need to purchase any resources. You will receive a WJEC / City and Guild handbook, unit handbooks and numerous digital resources for free as part of your course.

The Work

The assessor will visit the setting every month for two hours. During this time the assessor will observe your practice and assess your capability when working with children. The formal assessment will not happen until you are ready for it.

You will need to sit 3 short tests based on scenarios, and one multiple-choice test. These will show that you have the knowledge needed to work with children.

You will have to do Essential Skills in Mathematics, Language and Literacy if you do not already have a GCSE grade C or above in these subjects. You will have to show certificates as evidence that you have these grades.


Your Welsh will need to be sufficiently good for you to be able to work with children through the medium of Welsh, follow the workshops in Welsh and sit the tests in Welsh.

The Location

The setting will need to co-operate by agreeing to release the learner to attend training days and exams.


  • Cylch Meithrin Leader
  • Cylch Meithrin Assistant
  • Day Nursery Manager
  • Day Nursery Deputy Manager
  • Day Nursery Assistant
  • Foundation Phase Assistant
  • After-school Club Assistant
  • Primary School Classroom Assistant

The process of assessing this qualification asks for close partnership working between the setting and the assessor.

The person responsible for the learner within the setting will need to hold regular progress meetings with the learner and the assessor. These meetings will be recorded and internally verified. It is important that the setting helps to ensure a smooth assessment process and that the learner’s journey is trouble-free.

The setting has a responsibility to contribute to the learner’s portfolio. Full training will be offered to all settings on this aspect.