The management board or committee of every Early Years setting is required to ensure that it has adopted a range of policies which are essential to the work of the Cylch Meithrin or Day Nursery, and which are required by Care Inspectorate Wales / CIW.

We have created policy templates to facilitate this aspect of the Cylch Meithrin’s work. Each Cylch is expected to personalise and adapt the templates included below to meet the specific requirements of the setting before they are adopted. Your local Support Officer can be contacted for advice and guidance as required.

The full policy templates are all available to our members on the intranet.

Mudiad Meithrin Welsh Language Policy

Every Cylch Meithrin accepts and adopts Mudiad Meithrin’s Welsh Language Policy. Accepting and implementing this policy is a condition of being a member of Mudiad Meithrin. It is not allowed to change any aspect of this policy.