If the Cylch Meithrin committee (a body corporate or an unincorporated association) is registered with CIW, a Responsible Individual, who is responsible for day to day supervision of the Cylch Meithrin, must be appointed.


If the Cylch Meithrin committee is a body corporate (e.g.CIO), the person appointed as the Responsible Individual must be an officer of the committee e.g Trustee or Director or a manager that works in the cylch.


If the organisation is an unincorporated association (e.g committee with a constitution or a Registered Charity) the Responsible Individual must be an officer or a member of its governing body.

It is the responsible individual who will generally be expected to demonstrate ongoing compliance on behalf of the Cylch Meithrin with CIW regulations

CIW said:
‘These are National Minimum Standards for registration and in order to provide quality childcare, the general expectation is that Responsible Individual / Registered Persons work toward ensuring that these basic standards are exceeded’.

Below you can download the CIW National Minimum Standards.