The Committee

The committee will be responsible for acting as an employer, including the appointment, employment, support and management of staff. Before beginning the process you should discuss these with your local Mudiad Meithrin Support Officer to make sure you are acting correctly.

Mudiad Meithrin

Human resources guidelines can be found in Mudiad Meithrin’s Little Purple Book and on our intranet.

Mudiad Meithrin members have access to a telephone help line which gives advice on legal matters.

Mudiad Meithrin does not provide human resources advice to individual staff members, nor do we provide advice to committees that act against the advice given in the Llyfr Mawr Piws / Management Guidelines or to committees that have acted contrary to any legal regulations.

Additional information:

For a list of acceptable qualifications click here.

As well as the Mudiad Meithrin intranet and your local Mudiad Meithrin Support Officer, additional support is available on staffing and human resources issues through ACAS , and other useful contacts are:

Holiday pay calculator

Redundancy pay calculator

Business Wales: Information, advice and support by the Welsh Government.
Advice Guide: Online help by Citizen’s Advice
HMRC: General Employment Support and Information
Healthy Working Wales: Health support to improve workplace health, prevent illness and help people return to work after illness.

Little Purple Book – Mudiad Meithrin’s Guide to staffing matters in a Cylch Meithrin