National News | 11th Jan 2022

Mudiad Meithrin Launches New Scheme

Mudiad Meithrin, in partnership with Portal Training, has launched a brand new mentoring scheme called ‘Meithrin Gyrfa’ on 10th January 2022.

‘Meithrin Gyrfa’ aims to equip and upskill individuals to develop their careers, drawing on Mudiad Meithrin’s experience, knowledge and contacts as part of its vision and contribution to the delivery of the Welsh Government’s Cymraeg 2050 strategy to reach a million Welsh-speakers.

The aim is to provide opportunities for individuals who:

  • want to gain confidence in their Welsh language skills in order to be able to work through the medium of Welsh
  • lack confidence in using their Welsh as they have not had the opportunity to use the language since their school days but are interested in pursuing a career in the field
  • are at a turning point in their career and want to develop themselves, and inspire others

Whatever the reason is, we encourage people from all ages and backgrounds to apply for this scheme and become a positive role model and leader for others.

Helen Williams, Mudiad Meithrin’s Head of Training, Learning and Development said:

We are really looking forward to implementing this scheme. ‘Meithrin Gyrfa’ has been created to support anyone who wants to work confidently through the medium of Welsh. The scheme is part of Mudiad Meithrin’s wider vision of supporting the goal of having one million Welsh speakers by 2050, and also contributing to the economy of our local communities in terms of giving individuals the skills and confidence to go for a job in the Welsh language sector.

Mudiad Meithrin’s training, learning and development department is proud of the standard and quality of its consistent provision for its members, and through the ‘Meithrin Gyrfa’ scheme we are able to open the door for more individuals to benefit from Mudiad Meithrin’s expertise and partnerships.”

Throughout this 4-month scheme, 20 successful applicants will receive specific support from experienced mentors and coaches who will:

  • create a personal development plan
  • identify opportunities to improve oral and written language skills
  • help to create an impression when writing an application form
  • boost confidence at an interview
  • provide 1:1 coaching and mentoring sessions
  • ensure the individual’s health and wellbeing

To apply, an application form must be completed by 28 January 2022. For more information and for the application form, visit  Meithrin Gyrfa – Meithrin or e-mail