National News | 17th Nov 2021

Mudiad Meithrin Wills Week 22 – 26 November

As a registered charity passionate about giving young children in Wales the best start in life through the medium of Welsh, Mudiad Meithrin is very grateful for any legacies it receives to carry out special projects.

Mudiad Meithrin has designated the week of 22 – 26 November this year as Mudiad Meithrin’s Will Week. The aim of the campaign is to thank the families of those who have left a donation in their will to the Mudiad and to highlight the fact that gifts can be left in a will to registered charities such as Mudiad Meithrin or the local Cylchoedd Meithrin.

According to recent statistics, almost 60% of adults in Wales have not made a will, so the campaign highlights how important, and how easy it is for everyone to create a will to ensure that their money and estate are distributed as they wish.

A recent example of this is the legacy that the Mudiad received from the late Delyth George.

Mari George, a close friend of Delyth, said:
“Delyth was incredibly supportive of organisations that promote the Welsh language. She worked as an author and editor of children’s books and therefore appreciated and respected Mudiad Meithrin’s work of laying foundations for Welsh-medium education. Delyth would be delighted that her money is helping to introduce the Welsh language and culture to the young children of Wales.”

Dr Gwenllian Lansdown Davies, Chief Executive of Mudiad Meithrin, said:
“At the Mudiad we are very grateful for any financial contributions, and the money we have received over the years has been of great benefit to us to realise some of our projects for the benefit of the young children of Wales. An example of this is our lovable children’s characters Dewin and Doti. It was with the aid of legacy that these characters were created which can be found in every Cylch Meithrin in Wales encouraging young children to speak Welsh.”

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